In 2018, the Chairman of Soccer Engineers Football club, Mr. Ishmael Lamptey and representatives of
MSK Zilina FootballClub 1908. Slovakia went into an
agreement to establish MSK Zilina Africa Football Club in Ghana, Africa. Initial feasibility studies and several other works regarding the establishment of the football academy were conducted.
The study concluded that the
project was technicallyfeasible and financially viable. Implementation of the football project commenced with the re-registration in Ghana of an existing Football Club owned and chaired by Mr. Ishmael Lamptey into a new football club named MSK Zilina Africa Football Club. All assets and properties, including the football field, hostel facility and football equipment were transferred to the newly registered club.
We currently have thirty (30) players in our camp being nurtured through physicaland technical training educational grooming and team branding, with the sole objective of producing high-quality professional footballers in Ghana and Africa a s whole.
The Chairman of the Club, in collaboration with the new Board of Directors have reshuffled and appointed new qualified and competent technical team tomanage the affairs of the Club; including two coaches and two physical trainers.
The Management have also engaged two highly rated and experienced scouts to feed the club with prospects and talents across Africa.
Management have acquired a three (3) Acre land in the city o fAccra valued a t$2.8 million Dollars to construct ultra-modern football facility to complement the existing substandard facility as part of the clubs immediate urgent needs.
The Chairman, Mr. Ishmael Lamptey has solely donated a bus worth $110,000.00 to the club. In addition, the Chairman has also promised to support the Club financially as and when the needs arise MSK Zilina Africa Football Club-Ghana, with its Chairman, Mr. Ishmael Lamptey are of the view that its development partner MSK Zilina Football Club1908 of Slovakia would
appreciate the work and efforts being put in so far and would be invited, as per earlier discussions to invest in the Club in Ghana in areas of infrastructure development, field equipment, kits and other branded apparel to achieve its vision of being one of the best talent development football academies in Africa.
It is highly anticipated that this expected sustainable football project would ignite passion and raise the talents close to European standard. It would also add value to the club and give mileage to its sponsors.