MSK Zilina Africa Football Club is positioning itself to capture a significant share of player transfer to its mother football club in Slovakia and later, other European Clubs with Asian Clubs not being an exception.
With our human capital and enormous experience in Africa and Europe together with experts from the Ghana Football Association (GA) and the Confederation ofAfrican Football (CAF) will help support successful implementation while MSK Zilina Africa Football Club manages the affairs of the value chain effectively and efficiently to meet the overall objectives of the project.
MSK Zilina Africa Football Clubs’ strength lies in its operating strategy, which covers the entire value chain of developing and producing its own quality branded footballers.
To complement its abled management team members, our football club, through its management has established along-term relationship with a reputable International Football Club MSK Zilina Football Club 1908 of Slovakia to provide inputs and other logistical supports to its core operations.
MSK Zilina Africa Football Club wil adopt acost-effective development system that would strive to attain excellence in producing good quality footballers.
Toachieve this, MSK Zilina Africa Football Club expects to encourage and engage modern training techniques and equipment including the use of video illustrations and engage in the reality of explaining movements and analyzing past football matches as part of their curriculum.
This system will enable us to adopt competitive pricing for our footballers for available markets.
Using the new market approach, a comprehensive marketing plan will be developed to facilitate effective penetration into its intended market.